A Beginner's Guide to the Best of Fenty Beauty

A Beginner’s Guide to the Best of Fenty Beauty

Unless you’ve been living in a dark, dank cave for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Fenty Beauty. Since Rihanna launched her beauty brand in 2017, it’s become *the* makeup collection to know, discuss, hashtag, covet, hoard . . . you get the picture.

It’s difficult to overstate how much Fenty Beauty has changed the makeup landscape in just two and a half years. It’s not the first or only makeup brand backed by a pop star, but Rihanna’s involvement — from product development to the models who represent the brands — has made huge waves in the way we shop for and use makeup. All too aware of many brands’ limited foundation shade range, she offered 40 (now 50!) options for a wide variety of skin tones — and now, if brands have just a few shades, well, they’d better go back to the drawing board. And in true superstar fashion, Rihanna suspected that there was a large audience who would wear lavender lipstick or pink eyeliner — and as a zillion selfies have proven, she was right. Plus, she managed to create a truly luxurious brand without pricing her products in the stratosphere. Smart.

Of course, if you’re new to Fenty Beauty, the sheer number of products can be simultaneously delightful and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created this primer to the best of Fenty Beauty — the must-try lipstick, the fan-favorite highlighter, and the product Rihanna herself uses from head to toe. Naturally, the only place you’ll find them is at Sephora, the exclusive retailer for the line. Keep reading to discover more about the most popular Fenty Beauty finds, and don’t be surprised when they become some of your personal favorites.

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