A look at every product in Jamie Genevieve’s make-up brand VIEVE

Jamie Genevieve has launched her own make-up brand, VIEVE. Here, she talks to Stylist.co.uk about her favourite product in the collection, the development process and her top make-up tip when using the range.

If you don’t follow Jamie Genevieve on social media, you need to join the 1.4 million people that do. In just six short years, Genevieve has built a large and loyal fan base who love watching her easy-to-follow and tip-filled make-up tutorials. Add to that, her warm personality (it’s like you’re watching a friend) and it’s easy to see how her online following blew up.

Genevieve started her career in beauty training as a make-up artist on department store counters, an experience she says helped shape her path. “My true love for make-up and its confidence-boosting abilities started when I worked as a make-up artist on counter,” Genevieve tells Stylist.co.uk. “I saw first-hand the difference it can make in people’s confidence and self-esteem, it was then that I realised that it meant more to people than ‘just make-up’.”

Since then, Genevieve has come full circle and taken her years of knowledge and the needs of her online followers to create her very own make-up brand: VIEVE. “I’m so lucky to have a community of beauty enthusiasts on my social channels and through our conversations I realised that what I wanted to create was a brand with warmth, community and feeling,” she explains. “A brand that others can feel confident in coming to when in need of advice, guidance and somewhere to share their love of beauty.”

But when you’ve possibly tried every product under the sun, how do you go about creating your own? “I knew I wanted to launch with products that make me feel my absolute best when I use them, we all joke about them being my ‘selfish essentials’,” says Genevieve. “It was also important to me to create a range of shades in each product so that everyone can enjoy VIEVE.”

“For the last two years, I’ve been working on the brand full-time alongside being a digital creator which has been hard, but the hardest part was keeping the secret. The process took a long time because I had a strong vision of how I wanted the products to perform, look and feel.”

Genevieve tells us that it was The Essential Palette, a collection of 10 eyeshadows that took the longest time to develop. “Having worked with so many different eyeshadows, I learned that there’s such a fine balance of pigment, blend-ability, build-ability and quality ingredients to make a beautiful formula,” she explains. “It took a while to get it right and countless submissions, but we got there.”

The hard work was worth it. Within the launch, nude lipsticks, lipliners, highlighters and an eyeshadow palette make up the first drop with plans for more products to come in the future. Her favourite out of the bunch? “Oh, this is so hard!” she says, when we ask.

“It really does change every day depending on my mood and how I want to feel that day. Today my favourite is the Modern Lip Definer in Brat, £15. I have very minimal make-up on and I used Brat to enhance my natural lip line, then blended it with a touch of lip balm. It’s my go-to ‘no make-up, make-up’ lip look.”

Here, we run through every product in VIEVE’s first drop – all of which are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • The Essential Palette

    In this chic black palette, you’ll find seven pigmented matte shadows and three multidimensional shimmers.

    “I love to use a dark eyeshadow like Lavarock or Goodnight to stamp on winged liner, it’s so easy and if you make any mistakes it’s so easy to clean it up with a little concealer,” says Genevieve.

    VIEVE The Essential Palette, £43

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  • Nova Glow Highlighters

    If you’re a fan of Genevieve’s glowy make-up looks, this highlighter is worth looking into. Available in three shades – champagne, peachy gold and golden caramel – these powder highlighters are finely-milled and deliver a radiant (but not glittery) finish.

    Nova Glow Highlighters, £27

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  • Modern Lip Definers

    Lip liners always feature in Genevieve’s make-up tutorials and had to make up part of her first launch. There are five shades, all of which have been developed to suit all skin tones. As the formula is so pigmented, they can be worn alone or paired with lipstick.

    Modern Lip Definer, £15 each

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  • Modern Matte Lipsticks

    To ensure that her nude lipsticks cater to all skin tones, Genevieve has launched five different shades, from a soft beige and cool-toned brown to a deep peach and burnt orange.

    Modern Matte Lipstick, £19 each

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