Beyoncé’s “Money Piece” Highlights May Actually Be Summer’s Biggest Hair Trend

If we were to narrow down Beyoncé’s best beauty looks, it would have to include her Coachella 2019 glittering makeup, the straight-across bangs in her music video for “Me, Myself, and I,” and her most recent hair look: long waves that integrate something the hair pros call “money pieces.”

Money pieces are face-framing highlights that are made with the balayage technique, hairstylist Jack Howard previously told POPSUGAR.

“By adding light pieces around your hairline, you immediately brighten your face,” colorist to Beyoncé Rita Hazan elaborated further. “If you have dark hair, it’s a great way to add some blondish color to your hair without destroying your texture. Beyoncé loves a face frame. The moment you see her it’s like . . . Boom! Beauty and power.”
Ahead, see the megastar and many others with the highlights, and get inspired.

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