Charlize Theron’s embellished hair at the Oscars is all about the subtle statement

This awards season, embellished hair has become one of the most prominent trends. The latest embellished hair trend isn’t as obvious as you’d think.

This awards season, Charlize Theron has been giving us plenty of hair inspiration. She, now iconically, wore a Tiffany & Co. bracelet in her hair for a very relatable reason at the SAG awards last month, and for this weekend’s Oscars she was back with another embellished hair look.

The actress, nominated for her role as Megyn Kelly in Bombshell wore her signature icy blonde bob in a sleek fashion.

But it was when she turned around that she revealed the best part of her look: two silver jewellery bands attached by black thread that lay in a ‘U’ shape, framing her head. This matched the single silver necklace and silver-encrusted stud earrings the actress wore. Safe to say, the stripped back black gown is more than enhanced with the multiple silver-jewelled accents.

The slicked back, clean hair look can be a difficult one to craft, and the actor’s hair stylist, Adir Abergel revealed that he only used two products to make the whole look.

The first of the two, Virtue Labs’s Healing Oil, £40, was used to prepare the hair. Protecting and sealing the ends, the hair stylist then went on to use Virtue Labs’s Polish Un-frizz Cream, £19. 

Theron wasn’t the only star to sport the embellished hair look at the Oscars this year.

The Politician actress, Lucy Boynton wore a row of pearls on her side parting stuck down with glue. Her long, wavy blonde bob has seen a few embellished hair looks over the award season, however this was one of the first pearlescent looks.

Salma Hayek was another who got the pearl and silver accessories memo, wearing a silver wreath and pearl embedded hair pin. Paired with a flowing white Gucci one shoulder dress, the silver embellishment brought the look up to an Oscar-worthy level of glamour.

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