ColourPop Cosmetics Is Releasing a 'Lizzie McGuire' Makeup Collection

Get ready to slide on your platform sandals and butterfly clips like it’s 2001, because ColourPop is *finally* dropping a makeup collection inspired by none other than Lizzie McGuire.

The beloved Disney Channel series that helped make Hilary Duff a household name was a major source of inspiration for the cutest trends back in the early 2000s, so it’s no wonder this collection is dropping during a Y2K comeback.

ColourPop first hinted at its new collection on Twitter by posting a graphic of the Disney Channel logo with a familiar floral design.

If you know, you know.

You just had to be there…

Coming soon to ColourPop 👀

Fans were quick to pick up that it was Lizzie McGuire, which was later confirmed in this exclusive sneak peek posted to ColourPop’s TikTok (Psst… a copy of Seventeen magazine even makes a surprise appearance).

Grab your butterfly clips & tattoo chokers…it’s time to outfit repeat! 💕🦋✨ #DisneyLizzieMcGuireandColourPop #LizzieMcGuire #ColourPop

There hasn’t been an official announcement regarding what products are in the collection, but based off this TikTok and our 2000s beauty dreams, here’s what we’ve picked up:

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The shade names are also iconic, if you ask me. I mean… how could you *not* name a shade “Sing to Me Paolo”? Let’s get behind this packaging, too—it is a bright tie-dye dream with Lizzie’s signature floral accents.

There’s no word on when this collection is dropping just yet. All I know is I have my wallet within arm’s reach for when it does.

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