ColourPop Cosmetics Just Teased a Lizzie McGuire Collaboration

ColourPop x Lizzie McGuire

While Disney+ may have pulled the plug on the Lizzie McGuire reboot, ColourPop has something special in the works for those of us who want to go back to good ol' days of the early '00s.

On Mar. 22, the makeup brand posted a cryptic announcement to their Instagram feed, asking their followers to guess who their next collab would be with.

"Grab your ankle bracelet, hair crimper and butterfly clips… it's time for some outfit repeating!" the brand captioned the photo.

Most of the people commenting alluded to Lizzie McGuire, writing either "Lizzie" with a heart emoji, or they made another reference to the series. "THIS IS WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OFFFFFFFF," one person said.

Another even asked if some people could get early access depending on when they were born.

"90s kids should have early access to this, like a senior access?????" they questioned.

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ColourPop has yet to confirm if '90s babies would have first dibs. However, they did later reveal on TikTok that the collab was indeed with the beloved character, played by Hilary Duff.

So far, the only product from the collab that we can confirm are lip glosses. As for everything else, guess we'll figure it out on the way.

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