Hair rollers are the 90s trend making a big comeback – here’s how to use them

Written by Morgan Fargo

The return of the 90s blow dry comes with a rise in people returning to hair rollers. Here’s how to use them. 

There are few hairstyles that have come back with such a bang as the 90s voluminous blow-dry. A fluffy, airy style that immediately brings images of Cindy Crawford in the 90s to mind, there’s much to be said for the gravity-defying look. One of 2022’s most prominent hair trends, there are myriad ways to achieve it. One of the best (and most affordable options) – learning how to use hair rollers. A set-it-and-forget-it method, rollers allow you to go about your life as the hair cools down and sets into place. 

To help us become au fait with using hair rollers, Jose Domene, art team member at Hare & Bone London, is here to explain. 

What are the benefits of using rollers?

Setting a style is key to how long the shape lasts. Ever curled your hair only to have the curls fall out mere tens of moments later? Or, felt your blow-dry falls flat at the first hint of drizzle? Well, this can be avoided by allowing the hair to set properly, something rollers do brilliantly.  

“Rollers are long-lasting as you can leave them to set the hair,” says Domene. “But, using the right products to support the style is very important, too. It is crucial that the hair is completely cold before taking the rollers out – this is the most important step. The hair must be allowed to set before removing them.”

How to use rollers for salon-worthy results

“Blow dry with a large round brush and then add the roller to that section straight away. A ceramic round brush is always the best option at home as it distributes the heat more easily through the hair. A soft brush (Mason Pearson are amazing) is super important to get the right finish once the rollers have been removed. I also highly suggest using the Oribe Mystify Spray to prep curls and bring them back to life later in the day or night.”

If you’re after a fluffy 90s-style blow dry, Domene says to choose velcro rollers:

“Velcro rollers will always give you a fluffier result. A texture spray before rolling and a soft brush to finish will be the perfect combination for that 90s supermodel look.”

How to choose the best rollers for your hair type

Straight hair 

“Begin by rough dry with a styling product such as the Oribe Maximista Spray with a medium-size tong in medium-size sections. Then add a roller to each section as you go. Let it cool down completely before removing the rollers. Use a wide-tooth comb for a more natural result.”

Fine hair

“The technique for fine hair is similar to straight hair. Add a good mousse to prep the hair and make sure to blow dry the product into the hair really thoroughly. You want to create a grit/texture in order for the rollers to take hold – I would recommend Kerasilk Bodifying Mousse. It adds some guts to the hair and holds a style well.”

Textured hair

“It is important you start with a smooth foundation. Using smoothing creams will make it easier to get a more polished result – I like the Oribe Curl Gelee. Finish each section with a heated tool before you add the rollers to let it set. Then, use a small amount of serum and a wide comb to separate the hair and bring the curls out.”

Wavy hair

“Heated rollers are the best option for wavy or naturally curly hair as they can smooth and shape at the same time. A smoothing cream will be your best friend, too. Then, use a vented brush to bring the curls together.”

Short hair

“Place velcro rollers through the top and the crown of the head for maximum lift. Then, use a volumising spray on the root areas to get the lift. Smaller rollers are better with short hair to get more definition on the curls.”

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