Hush hair is the new wolf cut — here's what to ask for at the salon

Babe wake up, another K-beauty trend just dropped and it’s set to be the hair style of the season.

A subdued version of last year’s wolf cut, the hush cut is slowly gaining popularity on TikTok, with the #hushcut hashtag currently at 69 million views. 

It’s a softer shag cut that’s ideal for giving your hair some shape and texture without sacrificing length. 

‘The hush cut is a trendy and versatile hairstyle known for its soft, blended layers and face-framing effect,’ Jack Merrick-Thirlway, creative director of Neville Hair & Beauty, tells

Imported from Korea, this hairstyle is all about framing the face and  creating a ‘natural, lived-in look with soft layers that blend seamlessly, providing depth and dimension to your hair,’ he adds. 

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How to ask for a hush cut at the salon

If you want a hush cut, simply ask your stylist for long layers that start from around the chin and seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair.

Depending on your length, you might want to ask for a few different things to make sure the cut really suits your look.

For long hair

‘Ask for a hush cut with long layers that gracefully frame your face,’ says Jack.

‘The layers should add movement and dimension to your hair without sacrificing its length. 

‘Styling long hair with the hush cut can involve using a curling wand to create loose waves or simply letting your hair fall naturally for an effortless look.’

For medium hair

Jack recommends asking for layers that start by your cheekbones or collarbone. 

‘This length offers a balanced combination of manageability and style,’ he says. 

‘To style medium-length hair in a hush cut, you can experiment with texturising sprays or light mousse to enhance the layers’ definition while maintaining a soft appearance,’ he adds.

For short hair

Finally, if you have short hair, Jack says you should opt for a hush cut that incorporates shorter layers around the crown area to add volume and movement. 

‘This cut can work well for pixie or bob hairstyles,’ he says.

To style your short hush cut, try using a styling cream or wax to tousle the layers, adding texture. 

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