Julia Michaels on Her Latest Music Video, Armpit Hair, and "Colorful Artichoke" Tattoo

Julia Michaels on Her Latest Music Video, Armpit Hair, and “Colorful Artichoke” Tattoo

Julia Michaels is on fire right now. The artist, who’s used to receiving accolades for her songwriting for other artists, is finally stepping up as the star of her own show (metaphorically speaking, although we wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of her having her own show). In just the last five months, Michaels received a Grammy Award nomination for “If the World Was Ending,” dropped a couple of music videos (including one just last week for “All Your Exes”), and appeared in fashion-designer Christian Cowan’s fall 2021 campaign (in which she absolutely stunned, obviously). But her most exciting endeavor is still in the works.

“I’m putting out my first album, so I’m focusing on that as much as possible right now,” Michaels told POPSUGAR while in the studio. “With my last projects, I wasn’t a very visual person and I think this year, just because I’ve had so much time at home to just think about how I want this album to be, it’s made my brain way more visual.”

That fact extends into beauty, too — from tattoos to music video makeup. Keep reading for more on the latter inspiration behind her latest video, why she stopped shaving her armpit hair, what her own beauty routine looks like right now, and more.

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