People on TikTok Are Giving Themselves Undereye Bags on Purpose

People on TikTok Are Giving Themselves Under Eye Circles

According to Google, there are over 22 million ways to get rid of dark undereye circles, but you won't find any of these hacks or tutorials on TikTok.

After teaching TikTokers how to make your own foundation at home, use a radiator to curl your hair, and slather vaseline on your face for soft, cherub-like skin — all in videos less than 60 seconds long — Gen Z has turned what is considered to be one of the biggest beauty concerns into a trend.

TikTok users like @sarahthefreeelf are teaching their followers how to purposely draw on dark circles under their eyes. In the video that has since racked up over 5 million views, she uses what looks like a mauve lip crayon to draw a swipe under each eye and then blends it out with her fingers.

Like me, a woman in her 30s who is perpetually exhausted from the current news cycle and just, life, many TikTokers are perplexed over this trend.

“You’re telling me I’ve been trying to get rid of my dark circles for ages for it to become a trend?” one user said. “I can give you my dark circles if you want,” added another.

Since Dec. 2020, a handful of similar tutorials have popped up on TikTok. Users @abbyroberts and @daniellemarcan are two examples, both also using mauve, cool-toned lip pencils to get the look.

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Whether or not you spend time covering up dark circles after getting no sleep or money to minimize hereditary undereye bags, these Gen Zers deserve to be stanned for normalizing what can be a genetic trait seen in people of all ages.

So like @abbyroberts writes in the caption of her dark circles tutorial, "eye bags r sexi okay."

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