Shoppers and Celebs Are Fans of This French Skincare Drugstore Brand That's Described as "Water From Heaven"

Drugstore skincare has an easy to understand appeal — the utilitarianism of skincare at prices that don't require selling an organ. There have always been tons of stateside brands to choose from like Olay, Nivea, and Garnier, but now there are international picks too — take Avène, for example. 

When I first heard of French drugstore skincare brand Avène, it was as an 18-year-old beauty intern. Celebrities and models who had just returned from Paris Fashion Week would come by the office and talk about Avène like it was a miracle tonic, the fountain of youth.

It wasn't until recently that you could easily get your hands on a bottle of anything Avène without being on a different continent. Avène can now be found at Walgreens, and as of October, at Ulta. Since the French brand is more accessible than ever, it's a great time to visit some of its celebrity and shopper-favorite products. 

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Thermal Spring Water

The idea of a spray bottle filled with water retailing for $9+ might seem obscene, but Avène’s Thermal Spring Water has a very large and dedicated celebrity fanbase that includes everyone from Rita Ora to Gwyneth Paltrow and surprisingly, Spencer Pratt. It’s a similar success with other shoppers, too. Shoppers praise the water’s moisturizing and redness-reducing properties. One reviewer even said, “[This is] water from heaven, so pure, soothing, and hydrating.”

Cleansing Foam

Cleansers can sometimes be too astringent and good at their jobs, thereby stripping your face of the good oils and bacteria your epidermis needs to thrive. The cleansing foam is loved among celebs like Lucy Hale, but it’s also a hit with shoppers who praise the gentleness of the formula, which makes it suitable for skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. 

Soothing Eye Contour Cream

Even a restful night of sleep can’t guarantee you’ll wake up bright-eyed, which is where this Diane Kruger-approved eye cream comes into play. It’s a foolproof, non-irritating product since it’s formulated with the most sensitive skin in mind. One happy reviewer wrote, “I didn’t realize how swollen my eyelids had become until I used this product. In one night, all the swelling disappeared and it has not returned.”

Cicalfate LIPS Restorative Lip Cream

A good chapstick not only keeps your lips hydrated, but it also soothes them during times of dryness and distress. Shoppers, like Kendall Jenner, are avid fans of this restorative and soothing Avène cicalfate lip cream. One reviewer shared that this is the only product that revived the chapped lips brought on by constant mask wearing. 

Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream

This cream is a must-have for redness and irritation-prone complexions. Model Winnie Harlow previously said that it’s the only cream that not only doesn’t break her out, but that calms her skin, too. Satisfied shoppers have described this moisturizing cream as being “rapidly regenerative,” and a sensitive-skin savior.

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