These 10 Beauty Sets Make The Best Holiday Gifts

When it comes to gifting the skincare and makeup lover in your life during the holiday season, it goes without saying the motto is the more, the merrier. That said, beauty gift sets make for a sure fire way to surprise your loved ones with a gift they love, and save a little money, too.

Naturally, brands are one always one step ahead, and there’s no shortage of holiday gift sets rolling out this time of year, alongside the bundles many brands keep on hand year-round. With face masks, moisturizers and serums – or in the case of makeup bundles, a multitude of lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes – wrapped in one, you’ll be spared of decision fatigue (for once), and your lucky friend or family member will have products to test for months to come. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of best skincare and make up kits on the market. Trust us, these are five star gifts guaranteed.

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