90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Tries to Silence Brittany

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way continues with tears, culture clashes, and some genuine dealbreakers.

Biniyam gets excited for Ariela's arrival.

Kenneth embarks upon his bittersweet journey, leaving his family behind in pursuit of love.

Tim and Melyza are finally introduced.

Deavan's mom meets Jihoon's mom, and they only seem to agree on one thing.

And we see the jaw-dropping, toxic aftermath of Yazan's airport tantrum while Brittany wonders if she has made a huge mistake.

1.Brittany did not expect for things to be this bad

2.Yazan continued to berate her

3.He demanded respect

4.But he immediately says that he doesn't respect her

5.Then, it got worse

6.Brittany was miserable

7.Yazan flipped the switch

8.An awful first impression

9.Brittany is rethinking everything

10.Deavan and Jihoon

11.Jihoon moves out of his parents' house

12.They pick up Deavan at the airport

13.Then came the ride to the apartment

14.The apartment was … not great

15.Tim and Melyza

16.Things were great

17.Melyza was going to move to the US …

18.Now, he wants to make it right

19.This is big, but worth it

20.Kenneth and Armando

21.That is about to change

22.It's not an easy journey

23.He has tears, but no doubts

24.Ariela and Biniyam

25.Ariela is not his first baby mama

26.Ariela will be different

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