Are Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Getting Back Together?

Kristin Cavallari and former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler stunned the world in April 2020 when they announced their separation. Together for 10 years, the pair share three children. They insisted they were committed to co-parenting. Things did get a bit dramatic for a moment, but now it appears that Cavallari and Cutler are on the road to reconciliation. Are they getting back together, or are they just finding their footing as friends, though? It’s hard to say.

Why did Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari break up?

Cavallari has been pretty candid about her relationship in her reality tv show, Very Cavallari. Now that the show is officially over, she’s chosen to talk less about her life with Cutler. Still, she’s willing to share some information. In September 2020, she did open up to Elle about the impending divorce. She told the publication that there wasn’t one thing that led to the separation, admitting that it certainly didn’t happen overnight.

Cavallari cited outgrowing one another as the real reason for the split. Fans can likely understand what she means. For several years, viewers watched Cutler and Cavallari attempt to navigate vastly different desires. Cutler wanted to hang back and enjoy his NFL retirement. Cavallari was ready to get back into the working world.

How did rumors that Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari were getting back together get started?

After The couple’s separation, things fell mostly quiet. So, how did the rumor get started? Cutler and Cavallari started them. The pair both shared the same selfie on Instagram with the same caption. The caption, which called out “users”, also suggested nothing would break their bond. Admittedly, the caption didn’t outright say they were getting back together. Still, fans read between the lines.  

Are they getting back together, though? It’s hard to say. For now, it looks like they are both focused on co-parenting their kids, but fans continue to hold out hope. Cavallari has mentioned that her relationship with Cutler has always been very up and down. Is it possible that they are on an upswing? Perhaps some time away has helped them. It is equally possible that they want to build a friendship while they try to co-parent. Either way, things look to be going well. 

Cavallari is rumored to be dating someone, though

While fans remain optimistic that Cutler and Cavallari will eventually reconcile, for now, Cavallari is seeing someone. Since her separation, she’s been spotted out and about with comedian Jeff Dye. Dye, who is best known for his standup, and Cavallari were recently spotted vacationing together. Still, the duo is said to be keeping things casual.

As for Cutler, rumor has it that he hasn’t been sitting at home pining away. In May 2020, rumors started to swirl that Cutler was getting cozy with Cavallari’s former pal, Kelly Henderson. According to People, Cavallari may have been suspicious of Henderson before she officially split from Cutler. Henderson has denied having an affair with Cutler or dating him after his separation, though.

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