Arkansas Cops Suspended After Video of Brutal Beating of Homeless Man

Three Arkansas sheriff’s deputies have been benched after a video shows them wailing on a homeless man with alleged mental health issues.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department confirms two of the men in uniform seen are their own deputies, and a third officer belongs to the Mulberry Police Dept. They were all teaming up Sunday on a young man — kneeing him, slamming his head on the concrete and punching him in the face in order to restrain the man.

The brutal beating happened outside Kountry Xpress Gas Station, where the cops responded to a call for threats made to one of the clerks inside … allegedly made by the man getting detained. Reports say the man was cooperative at first, but then things went south.

One report says the man allegedly tried to attack an officer, which is what apparently led to the beatdown. Regardless of what happened in the lead up, the force shown by the officers is extreme.

At one point, the officers notice they’re being filmed, and yell at bystanders to get lost. The Arkansas State Police is currently investigating.

Two of the officers have been suspended, and another placed on administrative leave.

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