Atomic Kitten’s Jenny Frost rushed to hospital after smacking head against massive rock

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Jenny Frost took to social media to share a picture of a nasty-looking injury. The 43-year-old singer could be seen with stitches on her head which ran all the way from her eyebrow to her hairline.

The Atomic Kitten star said the injury occurred when she was larking about with friends on the last day of her holiday.

The former songstress admitted she was feeling grateful that the accident hadn’t been worse.

Alongside her picture she explained what had happened.

“So on the last day of August & the last day of my besties being here – thought I’d go out with a bang!!! Against a rock.

“Was just a silly fall but when I put my hands out to stop myself – I didn’t see the massive rock in between my hands (it was pitch black & literally the only rock within a mile radius).

“Feeling very grateful that its not worse! We are the lucky ones.”

Jenny was inundated with messages from fans and her famous friends, wishing her well.

More to follow…

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