Barbra Streisand takes her dogs to grave of pooch they were cloned from

Barbra Streisand missed her dog so much when the pooch died she decided to have her cloned, and her latest snap shows how her beloved pet is still on her mind.

The icon, 77, posted a picture of her three dogs posing on the grave of her Coton de Tulear Samantha, who died in 2017.

Her two youngest dogs Scarlet and Violet sat either side of their "cousin" Fanny atop the tombstone, which takes pride of places in Barbra's back garden.

Barbra referred to Samantha as Scarlet and Violet's "mom", but they were actually cloned from the older dog after she died .

She captioned the post: "The twins Scarlet and Violet honoring their mom (with cousin Fanny in the center!"

Before Samantha died in 2017, cells were taken from her mouth and stomach to create new puppies Miss Violet and Miss Scarlett.

The procedure costs $50,000 a time for dogs, but is just half that for cats.

Barbra also has a third dog, Miss Fanny – named after her Funny Girl character Fanny Brice – who is a distant cousin on Samantha's.

She claims she "will always see Sammie looking into their eyes" and the whole idea was thought up to make her cope with her pet's passing.

"I have two delicious babies," she previously told ITV's Lorraine.

"They’re so beautiful but they’re totally different. One of them is very sweet and kind of shy, more like Sammie, but also feisty.

"The other one is like a monkey, she jumps up on couches, and down and under tables. I think she has a little monkey gene in her."

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