Boris Becker’s pal Annabel Croft says generous star ‘wanted to buy gifts’ amid downfall

Prison van leaves court after Boris Becker jailed

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Boris Becker, 54, was jailed this past week after being found guilty of several offences under the Insolvency Act relating to his bankruptcy in 2017. The tennis star was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison at Southwark Crown Court on Friday.

Now, fellow tennis player Annabel Croft has reflected on his “generous” personality in an interview with the BBC.

She said: “He was very generous, he always wanted to buy gifts and presents for everybody.”

Boris’ daughter, model Anna Ermakova, 22, has also spoken out on her surprise over her dad’s sentencing.

She told Germany’s Bild: “I’m really in shock.

“I will support him and I will visit him whenever I can.

“I hope that will help him a little to get through the time.”

She also thanked fans yesterday for their support after Boris was told he would serve two-and-a-half years behind bars at Southwark Crown Court.

Anna took to her Instagram to address the situation in view of her 43,000 followers.

She shared a picture of a calm sea at sunset as she thanked those who had reached out in support.

Anna simply wrote: “Thank you for all the support,” alongside two white hearts.

Broadcaster John Lloyd also told Today on BBC Radio 4 how retiring from their tennis careers can lead players to face some struggles.

He said: “They still have to wake up in the morning and they have to try to get that adrenaline rush.”

About his relationship with Boris, John added: “We would hang out in our production office between matches, he was his normal self and would join in the banter, didn’t really seem to have much of a care.”

He was declared bankrupt five years ago over an unpaid loan of more than £3million on his estate in Spain.

The tennis pro was also later accused of hiding millions of pounds worth of assets in a bid to cover up his debts.

He was acquitted of 20 counts, but was found guilty of four charges by a jury on April 8.

On Friday afternoon, Judge Deborah Taylor sentenced Boris to 30 months’ in prison.

Of the full sentence, Boris will serve at least half.

Boris won six Grand Slam titles over the course of his professional career.

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