Cardi B sums up US election night by smoking three cigarettes at once

Cardi B, like many of us, has been going through it during election night.

The WAP rapper has been vocal in the run-up to the US presidential election, throwing her support behind the Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

And seeing many states called for incumbent President Donald Trump had her feeling rather stressed.

Cardi, 27, shared a video of herself smoking three cigarettes as she watched the coverage of the presidential election count.

Looking royally peeved, the rapper shook her head and rolled her eyes before taking a puff from three cigarettes at the same time, and captioned the Instagram video: ‘How these elections got me watching these states turn red.’

As of 6am, Trump has 212 electoral college votes as opposed to Biden’s 223, with neither having reached the 270 needed yet.

States that have been called for Trump include Florida, Iowa and Ohio, with Nevada, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Alaska, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maine, Michigan and Pennsylvania yet to be called.

No states have yet flipped their vote from the 2016 election.

Biden, however, remained optimistic as he gave a speech at 5.30am, saying: ‘We feel good about where we are. We really do.’

He added that ‘it ain’t over until every vote is counted, until every ballot is counted’.

And Cardi was loving Biden’s outlook as she watched the speech on television.

The rapper, real name Belcalis Almanzar, said on her Instagram story: ‘I have never seen Joe Biden with a kind of a smirk on his face. He looks so happy! 

‘He gonna win, we gonna win! We feel good too.’

Cardi got up early on Tuesday morning to vote, and urged her social media followers to ensure that their vote was counted. 

Stars have been vocal on social media throughout the night about the count, after casting their own ballots. 

And it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from celebrities over the next few days, as the final result is expected to be delayed due to mail-in ballots and a slowed count. 

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