Catt Sadler is sick in bed with covid and a fever after being fully vaccinated

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We’ve heard stories of famous people testing positive for covid after being fully vaccinated however those cases have been relatively mild. E! News reporter Catt Sadler, 46, not only contracted coronavirus after being vaccinated, she has a case that’s so debilitating she’s been in bed with a fever for two days. She wrote an Instagram post detailing her symptoms and how she caught it and it all sounds quite awful. Catt said she’s been caring for someone who was sick and didn’t realize they had coronavirus. She said she was wearing a mask but that she caught it anyway and that she’s really paying for it. Here’s what she wrote:

This is important. READ ME:
I’m fully vaccinated and I have Covid.
I’m telling you this so that you understand that the pandemic is very much NOT over. Delta is relentless and highly contagious and grabbed ahold of me even after getting vaccinated. I was caring for someone who contracted Covid (although at the time we thought it was just the flu) – so I did come into close contact with the virus, but I wore a mask, and again I’m fully vaccinated. I assumed I would be fine. Well I’m not. I’m one of many breakthrough cases that we are seeing more of each and every day. They said “you shouldn’t have severe symptoms at least” – well, mine are not mild. Two days of a fever now. Head throbbing. Extreme congestion. Even some weird puss coming out of my eye. Serious fatigue; no energy to even leave the bed. If you are not vaccinated and not wearing a mask, I assure you you don’t want to feel like this and not only are you bound to get sick eventually you’ll be spreading it to others (as in my case – I got this from someone who wasn’t vaccinated :/ )
If you are vaccinated, don’t let your guard down. If you’re in crowds or indoors in public I highly recommend taking the extra precaution of wearing a mask. I’m no MD but I’m here to remind you that the vaccine isn’t full proof. **Vaccines lessen the likelihood of hospitalization and death but you can still catch this thing. So continue to protect yourselves. I love you guys and I so appreciate my thoughtful friends and fam rn.
Thank you for the goodies!

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I hope that Catt is ok and that she’s over the worst of it now. It all sounds quite awful. I’m going to be masking up inside and only hanging out indoors with people I know who are vaccinated. I’m so disappointed in the CDC for lifting mask requirements and acting like the pandemic is over. As Catt sadly is experiencing firsthand, it is not.

The Delta variant may also has different symptoms from earlier strains. You can learn more about it here, on AARP’s website. Also there are over the counter covid tests available at major retailers like CVS and Walmart. I took the BinaxNow test (not an ad) after attending a large outdoor event. It was $23 for two tests, which I took over two days as they suggested. Thankfully my tests were negative and I got some peace of mind. Please stay masked inside for your sake and the sake of your loved ones.

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