Celebs React After No Officers Charged in Jacob Blake Shooting

The latest news involving the shooting of Jacob Blake has led to outrage and frustration by many on social media.

After it was announced on Tuesday that no charges will be filed against the officers who shot the unarmed Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August, several famous figures took to Twitter to decry the decision.

Demi Lovato was among the chorus of voices speaking out. The songstress took to Twitter and Instagram to share a simple but powerful message of support: “Justice for Jacob Blake💔.”


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Another celeb who shared their outrage was Common, who posted a link to a story about the decision not to charge the officers, and wrote, “‘An unjust law is no law at all.’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

"An unjust law is no law at all." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. https://t.co/OOMZJUrRZB

Actress Sophia Bush – who has been an outspoken political and social activist — weighed in as well, tweeting, “This is unconscionable. I’m devastated for Jacob Blake and his family.”

This is unconscionable. I’m devastated for Jacob Blake and his family. https://t.co/tpt0yMQjQC

See how a number of other celebrities, public figures and politicians reacted to the news below:

Letting off the cruel racist officers who shot Jacob Blake 8 times in his back in front of his children leaving him paralyzed is the horror of Racism .Its despicable beyond measure .they have announced this today because it’s planned and timed to create violence.

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back in front of his children on tape. How can there be no charges against the police officer? https://t.co/hJADsJ1sdy

7 bullets in the back and no charges. 7 bullets. In the back. And no charges.

Not charging the officer who shot Jacob Blake is a green light for police across the country to continue devaluing, dehumanizing, and destroying Black lives.

We need justice.

Kyle Rittenhouse shoots two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha and raises millions of dollars for his defense.

Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey shoots unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake, seven times in the back and faces no charges. https://t.co/VyoGHDszS2

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times and paralyzed by police in front of his children, and it was caught on tape.

Our broken policing system is failing Black and brown Americans on our streets, and our broken accountability system is failing them in the courtroom. Both must be fixed. https://t.co/4raFzf2vul

Jacob Blake was shot 7 times at close range by the police in front of his kids.

Today’s decision shows why lawmakers need to pass policing reforms at the state and federal level. Without accountability, there is no justice to help prevent more tragedies, pain & heartbreak.

There are many days when I wonder, as MLK did, whether I’m integrating my people into a burning house. Today is 1 of those days. #JacobBlakepic.twitter.com/YWtEPmsvgF

The district attorney in Kenosha, Wisconsin, announced on Tuesday that officer Rusten Sheskey would not face charges in relation to the shooting, which left Blake paralyzed.

Blake was shot in the back seven times as he attempted to enter his car, in which his three children sat in the back seat. Sheskey claims Blake reached in to grab a knife from the vehicle, a claim his family has staunchly denied. 

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