Chicago Sky Troll Diana Taurasi By Bringing Broken Door To Title Parade

The Chicago Sky beat Diana Taurasi on Sunday and then they beat down her psyche on Tuesday — trolling the hell out of the hooper by bringing the door she allegedly broke to their WNBA championship parade.

Taurasi was reportedly so pissed about losing the Finals to the Sky over the weekend, she launched a physical assault on a door in the Chicago arena, nearly breaking it in half.

The Mercury star didn’t want to comment on the alleged incident in a meeting with reporters this week — saying only, “There was a lot of doors in there” — but the Sky made sure the storyline wasn’t forgotten regardless.

The team brought the broken door with them on the stage just behind their DJ, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, showing it off to all the fans that came out to celebrate the Sky’s title.

Petty, sure … but ya gotta admit, it is a perfect troll job.

The Sky’s players, meanwhile, are doing more than just rubbin’ salt in Taurasi’s wounds — they’re currently on buses partying in the streets of Chicago … with Chance the Rapper!


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