Chris Evans: ‘It can only be called abuse’ Virgin Radio DJ addresses show complaints

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Chris Evans, 53, revealed he had been receiving complaints from listeners about the music choices on his Virgin Radio show. After sending in several messages with the same content, Chris and his co-star Vassos Alexander were taken aback.

It can only be called abuse, Vassos!

Chris Evans

“It can only be called abuse, Vassos!” the radio DJ cried.

And it turns out, the complainant’s wanted Chris to change something in-particular about his show.

He read out one of the messages: “‘What is wrong with you, play more Eurovision’, says Vanessa.

“Then we have another one here – ‘What is wrong with you, play more Eurovision’, again from Vanessa.”

As the host seemed in despair, Vassos addressed the listener in question.


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“Vanessa, this isn’t nice,” he pleaded, jokingly.

“Not for anyone!”

But it seed Vanessa wasn’t the only one wanting to hear more Eurovision on Virgin Radio.

Chris read out another message, this time from a different listener.

“‘Play more Eurovision Chris’, from Vicky,” the former BBC presenter read.

He jokingly added: “Who obviously knows Vanessa!”

It comes as Eurovision 2020 was cancelled due to the on-going global coronavirus pandemic that has forced many countries around the world go into lockdown, banning travel and large group gatherings.

Instead there was a sing-a-long live show via video link, where past and present Eurovision stars came together to sing the 41 songs that would have been performed in this year’s competition.

But the singing contest seems to have surpassed in Chris’ expectations, after 2019’s ultimate embarrassment.

Last year, Chris fumed at the fact the UK came in last place, calling it a “joke” that Australia beat the UK “in a European competition”.

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The producers had kept the results from the on-air team so as to capture their reaction at being told we had hit an almighty low.

Chris was beyond disgusted with the results, and even had to check again to make sure they were correct.

“Hang on,” he said as he rifled through papers on-air.

“Netherlands 492 points, they won it.


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“United Kingdom 16 points.”

There was a deathly pause as he and Vassos looked at each other in disbelieve.

“16 points?! Netherlands 492 and we got 16 points?! You’re joking!” Chris exclaimed.

He continued in a spiral of despair when he read that Australia received 284 points.

Maybe Eurovision won’t make it onto Chris’ track list anytime soon!

The Chris Evans breakfast show continues weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.

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