Chris Harrison reveals the one Bachelor he didn’t get along with

To audiences, it has always seemed like Bachelor host Chris Harrison is chummy with pretty much everyone who passes through the Bachelor Mansion. This is especially the case for the stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Harrison gets to know them pretty well, after all, over the weeks of filming.

While this holds true for most of our beloved Bachelors and Bachelorettes over the years, Harrison isn’t quite as easy-going as he seems. It turns out he does have a limit, and he recently revealed what that limit is. In an interview with Us Weekly, Harrison dished on the one Bachelor he couldn’t get along with.

Chris Harrison 'had a hard time getting along with' Charlie O'Connell

Considering just how long The Bachelor has been on the air, it’s kind of surprising that there’s only one Bachelor Harrison didn’t click with, but the Bachelor host is a pretty patient guy. “Really, the only one I think I had a hard time getting along with was Charlie O’Connell back in the day,” Harrison said.

Charlie O’Connell is the brother of actor Jerry O’Connell. He starred in The Bachelor’s seventh season back in 2005. Harrison was quick to say that he had no beef with the one-time Bachelor. “He admitted he was going through some issues with himself at the time,” he said. “We didn’t dislike each other at all. It just didn’t blend. That’s bound to happen after 18 [years] and dozens of people. You get along with some better than others.”

Harrison seems to be getting along much better with the current Bachelor, Peter Weber. When asked about the star (who had his heart broken on the last season of The Bachelorette by Hannah Brown), Harrison had nothing but nice things to say. “He’s that guy that the show is based on,” said the longtime host. “He’s the guy that seemingly has everything. Good looking, good career, sweet, he has this amazing family. He just hasn’t fallen in love yet.”

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