Dan Walker: BBC host forced to explain startling wardrobe mishap after sparking confusion

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Viewers are used to seeing Dan Walker, 43, smartly dressed in a suit and tie as he presents BBC Breakfast Monday through to Wednesday, and this time was no different, as he sat down to conduct another interview away from the studio. But in a screenshot obtained by his BBC news colleague Lewis Vaughan Jones, Dan was forced to explain his shoes.

There is a little band of coloured elastic instead of laces

Dan Walker

Taking to Twitter, Lewis shared the photo of Dan smiling away as he slouched in a green chair.

He donned a navy blue suit, white shirt and what looked like maroon socks.

But the BBC news star had a question about what was on his feet.

“It’s not often that I don’t understand a pair of shoes,” Lewis penned.

“But someone will have to explain what is happening here @mrdanwalker.”

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Some fans shared his confusion, with one writing: “Hey Lewis my friend, I’m confused a pair of shoes, can’t work it out haha, maybe my brain is also confused.”

Someone else wondered: “Hasn’t Dan always had odd taste in shoes?”

With all this uncertainty around his footwear garnering some attention online, Dan soon waded in to help settle the dust.

Laughing, he replied: “There is a little band of coloured elastic instead of laces.

“Navy brogue of dreams.”

Thankful for the explanation, Lewis took a liking to them.

“I love them,” he stated.

“I still don’t understand them. But I love them.”

Others were also grateful for the clarification, as they too were flabbergasted by what he was wearing.

“I’m glad I got an answer as I couldn’t sleep last night,” one admitted.

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“But just cos invents it doesn’t mean that it’s a good thing to wear it.”(sic)

Another confessed: “I just can’t work them out Dan. Can we see a picture. To me they look like porcelain doll type shoes,” with another agreeing, likening him to Alice in Wonderland.

“Spent pretty much the whole show trying to fathom your footwear. Now you’ve explained it, I am still clueless,” a third giggled.

“Those shoes Dan. I’m so confused this morning working them out. Special shoes for special people,” joked a fourth.

Someone else urged him to get his co-star Naga Munchetty to help him tie his laces: “Still can’t tie laces ? Tut tut, ask Naga to show you,” they retorted.

Another couldn’t believe what they were seeing: “Elasticated brogues? What? You’re having a bubble mate. Surely.”

While most fans were stunned at the “odd” style, he did receive the odd compliment, with one user saying: “They look great Dan, you always look smart and are such a nice guy.”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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