Dick Strawbridge admits he tried ending relationship with Angel

Escape to the Chateau: Dick and Angel tease what's to come next

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Dick Strawbridge, 63, has been married to Angel Adoree, 44, since 2015 and the couple have two children together: Arthur, nine and Dorothy, eight. However, Dick admitted he tried “ending” the couple’s relationship in its early days in a bid for Angel to find a “younger man”, but she was having none of it and handed her boyfriend a present to change things.

I felt I shouldn’t keep her from that.

Dick Strawbridge

Dick was over 51 when he met Angel, with the pair dating long distance as he was based in Cornwall and she in London.

At the time, Dick had been single for six years having separated from his first wife Brigit, with whom he shares his children James, 38, and Charlotte, 36.

Despite their undeniable connection, Dick was uneasy about the 20-year age gap and attempted to end the relationship with Angel.

He told The Times last year: “After spending Christmas together we knew we had to have the conversation. I said: ‘Damn, girl, this is wonderful, but we really have to think about ending this’.”

In a separate interview, Dick admitted that he thought this was the best decision for Angel at the time.

He elaborated: “Angel and I had our fun, then I told her it was time for her to find a young man, and have children because I felt I shouldn’t keep her from that.”

This was not what Angel wanted, with the Channel 4 star having other ideas for their relationship.

Dick continued: “What she said, bl**dy woman, was that she actually wanted me. I’m a long time dead. Why would you just jump in and live life?”

This left Angel left her partner with an ultimatum 16 months into their relationship.

Angel handed Dick a calendar with the words “impregnate me by this date” written on it, and he even beat the target by seven months.

They soon welcomed their son Arthur, nine, followed by Dorothy, eight and decided to pack up their lives in London.

They swapped their two-bed East London home for a dilapidated 45-room chateau in France’s Pays de la Loire region.

The moated property cost just £280,000 and has since been transformed into a dreamy wedding venue, commanding fees of up to £38,000 a time.

Dick and Angel tied the knot at the imposing pad that same year, sharing their special day on their Channel 4 show, Escape to the Chateau, which recently wrapped.

Highlights of the Chateau include the whimsical walled garden, honeymoon suite, original turrets, eclectic decor, an impressive pantry stashed with homemade preserves, and, of course, pre-loved treasures.

The two Strawbridge children have grown up in the Chateau, with the very first episode showing a young Arthur being held by Angel as the family viewed the property.

Speaking about the final series of the show, the couple told Country Living: “Escape to the Chateau has been our family journey; our decision to buy a Chateau with no water, electricity, heating or sewage has taken us on the adventure of a lifetime and we could never have imagined what would unfold.

“The good, the bad and the ugly…we have cherished every second and love that we have a visual record to show Arthur and Dorothy when they’re older.

“We’re so grateful to everyone who continues to support us and we’re looking forward to what the future holds. As one Chateau chapter ends, so another Chateau story begins…”

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