Duchess Meghan came to the UK imagining shed be the star of the red carpet

From all indications, the second Meghan Markle gracefully walked into British society on Prince Harry’s arm, the knives were out for her. The Windsors and their courtiers were absolutely planning their attacks, but don’t forget about the British aristocracy. Remember that story about Sabine Getty and Lady Alice Manners? I feel like that’s what it was like whenever Harry and Meghan tried to socialize. Meghan was met with hostility constantly from people who – in so many words – thought that she “didn’t know her place.” Speaking of…

A Woman Of Substance author Barbara Taylor Bradford, who was handed an OBE by the Queen, claims the Duchess of Sussex tried — and failed — to outshine Her Majesty.

‘Meghan came to the UK imagining she’d be the star of the red carpet, even though she wasn’t much more than a starlet in America,’ she says of the U.S. former actress.

‘What she didn’t realise is that we already have a shining star on the red carpet, someone who’s been there for 70 years. She’s called the Queen.’

Leeds-born Taylor Bradford, who has lived in New York for decades, adds: ‘The Queen is magnificent, and William and Kate grow in stature day by day. She’s divine — and how does she stay so slim?’

[From The Daily Mail]

I mean… that’s exactly what it is, that Meghan “didn’t know her place.” That’s what so many of these comments boil down to: racism, classism, anti-Americanism, a knee-jerk feeling of “why is she good at this, why doesn’t she hate the attention, why is she so glamorous, that makes the rest of us look bad!” Part of it was Meghan being American, part of it was Meghan-as-an-actress and part of it was the immediate fear of Meghan’s beauty, charisma and star power. These fussy hags never gave her a chance.

For what it’s worth, Meghan clearly did try to dull her sparkle for these crones. She was deliberately taking it down several notches in the hope of “fitting in” and not stealing anyone’s thunder. And then at some point she was like “f–k this.”

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