Eric Nichols Said Larissa Lima is Awful in Bed, Doesn’t Bathe, and STINKS — According to Nathalie

On Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Larissa Lima reunite with Eric Nichols.

She had misgivings, however, given how ugly their breakup was.

So Larissa called up a woman who had chatted with Eric in the immediate aftermath of their September 2019 split.

That woman was Nathalie, and she had a lot to share about the things that Eric had said behind Larissa's back.

Some of it was so bad that TLC didn't air the details.

Now, Nathalie has released a laundry list of things that Eric allegedly said to her about his ex when their breakup was fresh and painful.

More than that, she's talking about Larissa, Eric, and just about every person related to their storyline.

Whether it's her thoughts on Eric's penis or Larissa's friends, she's speaking her mind.

And, at the end, there's a short video of Nathalie explaining how she and Larissa went from two women supporting each other to fierce enemies.

1.Nathalie has a LOT to say

2.She answered a LOT of questions

3.It's not all fun

4.As for Eric

5.As for that phone call with Larissa

6.Why was her segment so short?

7.She is NOT a fan of Carmen

8.Vanessa, on the other hand …

9.So … about Eric's dingdong

10.What hot tub pic???

11.She doesn't paint a flattering picture

12.That said …

13.Would she??

14.She NEVER dated Eric

15.First contact from Larissa

16.Eric never had a chance with her

17.That leads us to another subject …

18.Does she really think that he's gay?

19.Can we get a direct answer?

20.Now to the ugliest part: what he said about Larissa

21.It's "worse than you will ever know"

22.As for why she's so anti-Larissa

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