‘Friends’ reunion features Cindy Crawford wearing Ross’ leather pants

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Cindy Crawford is getting in on the “Friends” fun.

The 55-year-old model was one of many special guests on the “Friends” reunion that dropped on HBO Max on Thursday and was responsible for bringing back one of the sitcom’s iconic fashion moments.

In a memorable episode from season five of “Friends,” Ross finds himself in a pickle when he can’t get back into a pair of leather pants that he wiggled out of when he overheated. He calls Joey for help, who suggests he use powder and lotion to slip the pants back on. 

Unfortunately, Ross makes an inconvenient and messy paste. Joey encourages Ross to make a pair of “paste pants” – if it was the same color as the leather pants, that is.

In a fashion show-inspired segment of the reunion, Crawford strutted down a runway while wearing the famous leather pants.

Cindy Crawford wore Ross’ famous leather pants during ‘Friends: The Reunion’ on HBO Max.
(Terence Patrick/HBO Max)

“They are the exact Agnès B. pants that Ross wore, and they fit her perfectly!” the special’s wardrobe meister Erica Cloud told PopSugar.

“No one else has worn them besides those two icons,” she explained. “[Crawford] even wanted to carry the baby powder and lotion down the runway, but they ended up doing no props in the end.”

The pants weren’t the only costume to get another turn in the spotlight during “Friends: The Reunion.”

Model Cara Delevingne wore an obnoxiously pink dress and oversized hat famously donned by Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel to a season two wedding.

Additionally, the Holiday Armadillo costume – worn by Ross in an effort to celebrate a more non-denominational, inclusive holiday with his son – made an appearance on Delevigne.

“We ended up having to rig a belt and suspenders underneath to keep it up and for Cara to even be able to walk in it,” Cloud revealed. “They had custom feet replicated and were like slip-on sneakers … Cara was completely dedicated and beyond excited, so she made it work!”

Another one of Ross’ famous costumes – a space-themed potato called “Spudnik” – was modeled by none other than Justin Bieber.

Matt LeBlanc also donned a classic look which saw him wear layers upon layers of Chandler’s clothing.

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