GMB viewers in uproar over Debbie Arnold's comments about Joan Collins

GMB viewers in uproar over ‘rude and disrespectful’ Debbie Arnold’s ‘ageist’ comments about Joan Collins, 90, as actress, 68, says: ‘If you had sex with her she’d fall to pieces’

Good Morning Britain viewers are in uproar over comments made by actress Debbie Arnold about Joan Collins on the show on Monday. 

Actress Debbie, 68, waded into a debate with journalist Dawn Neesom, 58, on whether you can be a sex symbol aged 60 and over after Strictly’s oldest contestant, Angela Rippon, 78, wowed viewers with her high-kick in the air. 

Dawn said: ‘To be a sex symbol, you have to be a certain age. It’s about being confident in your own body, in your experience.

‘It’s about being confident in your own skin and younger people do’t have that. A real sex symbol has va va voom and character and personality.’

Host Richard Madeley, 67, said: ‘Kylie Minogue is more of a sexual figure now than she was 20 years ago. 

That’s not very nice: GMB viewers were in uproar on Monday over ‘rude and disrespectful’ Debbie Arnold’s, (left) ‘ageist’ comments about Joan Collins, 90, as actress, 68, said: ‘If you had sex with her she’d fall to pieces’

Looking good: Dame Joan has long been considered a sex symbol, even at 90 years of age – pictured earlier this year 

Not impressed: Susanna Reid pulled a face as the debate between Debbie and journalist Dawn Neeson, right, rumbled on

Dawn added: ‘We are talking about the love island generation, those young men and women are sexy but they are not sex symbols. 

‘Today we have peopele like Helen Mirren, [age 78] who is incredibly sexy and Joan Collins, [age 90], who is amazing.’

Debbie chimed in: ‘Come on, really. A sex symbol is someone you wnat to have sex with. If you had sex witih Joan, she would fall to pieces. 

‘Do you really think men want to have sex with her now?’ 

Her words were followed by an awkward silence in the studio. 

Joan is happily married to Percy Gibson, thought to be 58 years old. They tied the knot in February 2002. 

And viewers were most displeased by Debbie’s words, including Susanna Reid, 52, who pulled a face.

They said: ‘Omg. I actually dropped my jaw at that woman’s comment of Joan Collins, how rude,distasteful and disrespectful… unbelievable from an older woman who should have learned class in her years.’

‘Rude, distsasteful and disgusting’: Fans did not take very kindly to the comments made on Twitter

‘Shake her and she would fall to pieces?? One of the nastiest most disrespectful things I have heard in a while. #gmb #ageism Joan Collins is beautiful AND classy a rarity.’

‘#GMB. God what a hideous thing to say about Joan Collins. 

‘How daft is this woman. Doesn’t she think Joan Collins is a sex symbol to older men. It’s not all about the younger generation.’

A look back in time: Joan, pictured circa 1955, as ruled Hollywood for years 

Lucky: Joan celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with Percy at Claridge’s hotel in London’s Mayfair earlier this year (pictured together in 2020)

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