Hailee Steinfeld Says She’s ‘Honored’ to Be in Marvel’s Upcoming ‘Hawkeye’ Series

Hailee Steinfeld is opening up about being a part of the new Hawkeye series!

The 24-year-old actress opened up in a new interview about joining the Marvel universe and her new role as a superhero in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Hailee was spotted filming with co-star Jeremy Renner in New York City for weeks before she officially confirmed she was a part of the show in December.

“I guess in a way, it was kind of a blessing in disguise that I didn’t and couldn’t be around a lot of people, cause that was a hard one to keep to myself,” Hailee told People, while referring to social distancing rules in place because of the pandemic.

Hailee continued, “I am so honored to be a part of this family that is the MCU.”

In the upcoming series, Hailee plays Kate Bishop, who in the comics also fights crimes under the “Hawkeye” name.

“She is an incredible character and it’s been a really fun journey so far,” Hailee shared.

Hailee stars in the Hawkeye series alongside Jeremy, Vera Farmiga, and Florence Pugh.

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