Holly Willoughby says she nearly missed out on This Morning job before Phil stepped in

Today she's one of the UK's most beloved – and experienced – TV presenters.

But Holly Willoughby says she nearly missed out on her This Morning presenting role, after she was written off as being 'unable to interview a Prime Minister'.

And it was only thanks to pal and co-host Phillip Schofield that she landed the gig in 2009 – after he stepped in to support her application.

The Dancing On Ice presenter, 40, heard chat that she wouldn't "be able to interview the Prime Minister" but soon proved them wrong in her first week being on the ITV show.

Holly spoke out about the situation on Elizabeth Day's podcast How To Fail as she began: "If it wasn’t for Phil, I wouldn’t be on This Morning now because everyone around him at the time when he suggested my name, were like, “What? No! She might be alright in the fashion bit but there’s no way she could interview the Prime Minister…”

"And I remember when I got the job and I totally only have him to thank for that and his belief. In literally week one, I had to interview the Prime Minister and I remember thinking in my head 'Oh my god, I can’t do this, they know I can’t do this.'"

The bubbly mum of three went on to share her memories of the chat with then Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

She recalled: "I panicked so much about it and I remember speaking to the producer who was really amazing, he said 'Don’t worry, I’m going to help you through this, let me help you write the questions.'"

Holly went into detail when she recalled the first time speaking to an interviewee on live television, revealing she was "scared" of being herself on camera.

"The first time you end up reading the questions, your mouth feels like a puppet is moving and the words are coming out of someone else's mouth," she said.

"I watched it back and I thought, 'That’s not me asking those questions.'

"I’m using words I probably don’t really understand and I can tell because they don’t sit well in my mouth.

"I just thought, 'Why are you being so scared of being you?'"

Holly explained further: "Because the majority of people watching This Morning are people like I was watching This Morning before I was on This Morning.

"I remember being on maternity leave and thinking, 'Oh my god thought this show was amazing before, this show is actually the greatest show in the world because it’s my friend.'"

It comes after the blonde beauty discussed how she wants to set a good example to her daughter Belle, who is now 10 years old. as she gets older.

Speaking to her best friend Fearne Cotton on her podcast The Happy Place, Holly who is also mum to Harry, 12, and Chester, seven, said: "Particularly as you're getting older, and I think when you hit your forties things change quite rapidly actually – we're heading towards that kind of menopausal time, skin is changing, hair is changing, body's changing, even having had a baby – your shape of your body completely changes.

"I think that it's really important in those moments to kind of, rather than look down and go 'Oh, my god, look at everything that's changing.

"'I'm getting older, I'm getting more wrinkles, my t**s are around my knees.' Instead of looking down, you've sort of got to look up with it and go 'God, my body was able to carry a baby and my boobs breastfed three children, and they were fine."

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