How Gabby Petito's Parents Said Goodbye On New Year's

2021 was an awful year for a great many people, but arguably few went through something worse than the parents of Gabby Petito.

The quartet (her father and stepmother, mother and stepfather) lost their poor daughter to a shocking and brutal death at just 22 years old. However, there’s the extra knife twist of knowing her murder remains something of a mystery which, after the death of her fiancé Brian Laundrie, will never be completely solved.

Despite all this, the parents have shown remarkable grace throughout the ordeal. They’ve been a unified front and have even turned their grief into advocacy for other missing persons and victims of domestic violence.

But that doesn’t mean the pain is gone. And on certain milestones it’s going to hit harder — like first holidays after her passing.

Joseph Petito took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to share the beautiful sendoff they gave Gabby as they faced going into a new year without her. In a video, he can be seen setting a paper lantern afloat into the heavens in her honor. He writes:

“Happy New year Gabby. Keep touching the world.”

A beautiful message. Gabby’s case has helped shine a light, often through Joe, on other cases — leading to some actually being solved.

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