How Much Money Is Nats Getty Worth? – Nicki Swift

On Jan. 20, 2021, Nats Getty — the great grandchild of oil magnate J. Paul Getty and spouse to Gigi Gorgeous, a famous YouTuber — shared a post on Instagram in which they opened up about their identity, as reported by Hollywood Life. “I am transgender, non-binary,” they divulged in the post. “I have spent my entire life not in sync with the body I was born with and confined by an outward appearance that did not match my mind or soul.”

But Getty was quick to acknowledge that they are still in the midst of discovering more about their self. “It wasn’t until recently that I was even comfortable admitting this to myself, once I was able to look inwards and truly reflect on my authentic self,” they confessed. “I’m still taking time to discover my most authentic self and which pronouns best suit me.”

But what else is there to know about the affluent oil heir, and how much money are they really worth? Keep reading after the jump to find out!

Nats Getty is apparently a multi-millionaire

As reported by The Sun, Nats Getty is estimated to be worth a whopping $30 million. Pretty impressive for a young fashion model and designer, right?!

But what about Getty’s spouse, Gigi Gorgeous? Per People, the couple wed during an over-the-top beach ceremony complete with 220 guests! While Gorgeous opted for a custom designed Michael Costello dress, Getty chose to sport a suit they designed themselves under their fashion label, aptly titled Strike Oil. Perhaps a nod to the business ventures of their great grandfather? We think so!

According to the label’s official website, Strike Oil “is a Los Angeles based design venture bridging the gap between luxury and streetwear. Strike Oil is wholly inclusive and driven by quality. STRIKE OIL channels rebellion and altruism with a commitment to subverting the status quo in favor of limitless creativity.”

With Getty’s most recent revelation, we can’t help but think that Strike Oil’s founder is just as serious about making that particular mantra — about inclusivity and “subverting the status quo” — part of their personal philosophy as well.

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