Hulu Issues Apology for Promoting Breonna Taylor Documentary After the Controversial Indictment

If you missed the devastating news, Breonna Taylor, the young black woman who was shot in her own home by police who entered without a warrant, was not given justice when Officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, not murder.

After this decision was handed down in Kentucky, Hulu received a ton of backlash for a tweet they sent out that read, “Breonna Taylor‘s life was changing. Then the police came to her door. #NYTPresents: The Killing of Breonna Taylor traces the missteps of the deadly raid. #FXonHulu.” The streaming service promoted an episode of a docu-series about her story.

Backlash began with tweets including, “Y’all took ADVANTAGE of her name trending and HER STORY for YOUR RATINGS!!! If y’all wanted to do something meaningful you would have said JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR. Is her family even involved in this ‘documentary’ or did y’all do this to hop on the “we care” trend?!?!” and “It’s almost like businesses don’t actually care about people’s feelings and are only sorry when they’re caught! Weird, right?”

Hulu posted on Twitter, “Earlier today, we promoted content that we felt would be meaningful in light of today’s events. That was, quite simply, the wrong call,” read the statement. “We’ve taken the posts down and are deeply sorry. Thank you for holding us accountable – we will learn from this.”

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