James Jordan slammed as postpartum pic of Ola used to flog Dance Shred

Lorraine: James Jordan explains comments about wife Ola’s weight

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James, 44, and Ola Jordan, 40, have been impressing fans with their weight loss transformation as a couple in recent weeks, after launching their fitness programme, Dance Shred. The duo have been taking to Instagram regularly to share jaw-dropping before-and-after pictures following their combined seven stone weight loss.

It comes after James and Ola admitted to piling on the pounds after welcoming their daughter Ella in 2020.

However, James’ latest side-by-side post to promote Dance Shred, featuring his wife, has sparked outrage from many of the couple’s fans.

Plenty of the star’s 253,000 followers pointed out that the first photo of Ola showed her postpartum, and was taken shortly after giving birth to baby Ella.

The second snap in the comparison post showed a slimmed down Ola cuddling their daughter, who is now two-years-old.

James captioned the now-deleted photos: “Wow! What a change!

“Ola is half the woman she was and Ella is nearly as big as her now [laughing face emoji].

“Ola literally looks like a different person on the left! All thanks to our Dance Shred plan.

“So if you’re looking for a bit of Monday Motivation to get back to you at your healthiest and most confident, we’ve still got an offer on our diet and dance fitness plan.

“And honestly the community we have on our private Facebook group is the best.

“Every day I see people being supported and motivated and having fun.”

Ola also shared the same post as her husband, captioned: “I can’t believe how much she’s grown – and how much I’ve shrunk.”

Unfortunately for the pair, their fans weren’t as impressed in the comments section.

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vickib004 fumed: “Please don’t use a postpartum picture to compare there’s enough pressure on new mums as it is I’m sure you have a photo from last year to use.”

angelspike123 added: “Not really a fair comparison considering she had not long given birth.”

MadamNOTonit tweeted: “Honestly I understand you’re trying to push your ‘get fit with us’ business.. but the way your pushing your message is harmful. Wow look how amazing she is now half the woman she was – she was absolutely fine and probably only a size 12 before. It’s sending a dangerous message.”

lauraamersham commented: “Ola you look beautiful in both pictures. In the first one you look radiant having just popped out an adorable little girl and in the second one you look beautiful because you look how you want to and your daughter makes you happy.”

However, other fans shared positive comments on the post, with Kerry Taylor Jones remarking: “Ella daddies double now beautiful little girl.”

James has since deleted the post from his Instagram page, while Ola has edited her caption to remove the remark about her “shrinking” waistline.

Express.co.uk has contacted representatives for James and Ola for comment.

Ola previously said of the pair’s fitness plan: “There is no gym, no equipment and no stress. We put the plan together in our kitchen, which is only two metres square.

“It was so lovely to dance again, so this plan is devised using our favourite dance moves made simple and combined with functional ­exercises, all to music, so you are ­shredding pounds while having a blast.

“The exercise takes only 15 minutes a day. This was so important to me as a mum, that it was quick — and Ella can do it too.”

James added to The Sun: “We spent our whole lives looking our best when we were dancing so we were like, ‘Let’s start dancing again’.”

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