John Krasinski Wants to Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Find Out Which Role!

John Krasinski is into the idea of starring in a Marvel movie!

The 40-year-old A Quiet Place actor revealed he’d “love” to talk to Marvel about being in the Fantastic Four reboot in an interview with Esquire.

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“I was just about to walk into the worst pun ever, but I was like, that’s a fantastic role. That would be awesome. Marvel wrote the playbook on secrecy and awesome sort of tantalizing lay and wait until everything’s announced. I am not committed to the role or anything, but I don’t know when they’re doing it. But if and when they do it, I would love to talk to them about it,” he said.

Specifically, John would love to take on the role of Mister Fantastic, also known as Richard Reed, previously played by Ioan Gruffudd and Miles Teller.

He also opened up about being beat out by Chris Evans for the Captain America role.

“People have a sense that some of us are insanely competitive. I’ve known Chris forever. So as soon as they said Chris Evans got the part, I was like, yeah, look at that guy. Are you kidding me? He is Captain America. And I just saw Chris a couple of weeks ago and we were still laughing about it. I said, ‘I love that you retired in my role.’”

He also said he would absolutely say “yes” to this idea.

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