Jon Rahms wife Kelley Cahill stuns in jaw-dropping snaps ahead of 150th Open Championship

Jon Rahm’s wife Kelley Cahill stuns in jaw-dropping snaps ahead of 150th Open Championship

Spanish professional golfer Jon Rahm is set to take part in The 150th Open at the Old Course, St Andrews, this year. His wife Kelley Cahill, who is always by his side, can be seen looking stunning in a series of Instagram snaps.

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Jon will be hoping to win big at The Open this year, and his tight-knit family will be right behind him.

The couple lived together for two years before they tied the knot in December 2019, at a ceremony in Bilbao, Spain, near Rahm’s hometown of Barrika.

Last year, Kelley gave birth to their first child – a boy named Kepa Cahill Rahm.

Jon, Kelley, and their young son Kepa all live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kelley looks stunning in a series of unearthed snaps

Jon’s wife looks gorgeous in a number of pictures uploaded to Instagram.

Kelley keeps in good shape

Like her sportsman husband, Kelley clearly likes to keep fit.

Kelley enjoys lounging on the beach

The mother can be seen relaxing on the sand wearing a bikini.

Kelley stuns in swimwear

The blonde bombshell has proudly displayed her incredible curves in a number of posts.

Kelley likes to have fun with her friends

Here, Kelley can be spotted wearing fancy dress. 

Kelley has always stood beside Jon

Jon is blessed with a supportive wife as he continues to stun the world with his incredible playing ability. 

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