Joshua Rush & Luke Mullen Reveal Why They Were Surprised By ‘Andi Mack’s Final Script

Joshua Rush and Luke Mullen were pleasantly surprised by Andi Mack‘s final script!

The duo, who starred as Cyrus and TJ, shared a sweet moment in the series finale, which they didn’t expect would actually happen.

“I knew that it was supposed to happen but honestly had no idea when they were going to do it…to be completely honest, I didn’t know if it was even gonna happen the way we thought it was. I was actually really surprised when I read that final script. It was really nice to see that finally happening,” Luke explained on YSBnow‘s podcast.

Joshua added, “It was always a battle, always a fight. We wanted this to happen and have this story line I knew was going to help out so many kids…we knew we wanted this to happen. We didn’t know how it was going to but we knew people at Disney were fighting for it and had a passion to make sure the story was told.”

Hear all that Joshua and Luke had to say below…

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