Julia Garner height: How tall is Ozark’s Ruth Langmore star Julia Garner?

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American actress Julia Garner has become a huge star thanks to Ozark. She is now a two-time Emmy Award winner thanks to her stellar turn as Ruth Langmore. Garner will be reprising her role one last time for season four with production expected to be starting soon.

How tall is Ozark’s Ruth Langmore star Julia Garner?

Since Ozark, Garner has landed many other roles in the likes of the movie The Assistant, Dirty John and Netflix’s surreal limited series Maniac.

She is going to be starring next in the Netflix series Inventing Anna, which is coming to the streaming platform later this year.

Garner, 24, has previously revealed how she believed her audition for Ozark went disastrously after she read her lines in a Missouri accent.

Little did she know, this Southern twang helped her to clinch the role of Ruth.

Garner has said many times how she really wanted the role of Ruth and somehow it was a character who stayed with her.

She was desperate to get the part and would have been really upset if she hadn’t won the part, which made the call from her agent confirming she was starring in the show all the more meaningful to her.

According to Celebrity Heights, Garner is 5ft 4in or 1.62m but IMDb has her down as 5ft 5in or 1.65m.

Either way, her stature has never detracted from her performance as Ruth, which has simply grown and evolved with each season of Ozark.

She has very much made the character her own, bringing a gravitas to Ruth and fans are going to be seeing more of this as Ozark enters its final season.

Compared to many other actresses her age, Garner has a highly distinctive look thanks to her blonde curls which hark back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Garner revealed how when she was 12-year-old her hair started to go curly at the roots even though the rest of it was straight.

She told The Cut of the experience: “It looked like a rat’s nest — it was disgusting.

“I went to the hairdresser to fix it and he had to cut all my hair super short, so that all of my hair could be curly.”

She went on to say: “That was one of the weirdest experiences that I’ve ever had in my life.

“I went to school the next day and everyone was looking at me like, ‘Who’s the new girl?’ My best friend didn’t recognize me.”

Previously speaking to The Gentlewoman in 2019, Garner said she believed her appearance was part of the reason she didn’t land conventional roles.

She explained to the publication: “Early on, I saw that I wasn’t getting cast as the girl next door, I wasn’t getting cast as the ‘daughter of’.”

However, it appears to have worked to Garner’s advantage in the end including the daughter of a woman who marries a conman in Dirty John and is highly suspicious of her mother’s new beau, or her part as an unsuspecting asset of a KGB operative in The Americans.

She admitted it had been initially “really tough” playing Ruth as she tried to wrap her head around the character.

The star said: “It almost felt like I had been hit with a frying pan every single night.”

Ozark seasons 1 to 3 are streaming on Netflix now

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