Kailyn Lowry: I Had to Get a Paternity Test for My Baby!

Does anyone else get exhausted just from hearing about all the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez?

It's just way. Too. Much.

And it never, ever stops.

Back in July, they welcomed their second child together, a boy named Creed, and while it seemed like things were getting better for them for a moment, it didn't last.

They're back at each other's throats, and now it's looking like there's some doubt that Creed is even Chris' child.

Yep, if things weren't messy enough, now we've got a paternity test in the mix!

1.A Little History

2.Ah, Memories


4.Cool Move

5.Not a Great Sign

6.Stuck in a Cycle

7.Oh No

8.New Baby

9.His Reaction?


11.Analyzing Baby Pics

12.Could It Be?

13.Uh Oh

14.No …



17.The Story

18.Fair Enough



21.Not Having It

22.Not That Kind of Girl

23.Still Mad

24.Not OK



27.Also This

28.For Real Though

29.You ARE the Father

30.No Thanks

31.If Only

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