Kim Kardashian shows off amazing gingerbread house gifted by Kris Jenner as son Saint sneaks a bite

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian has truly got into the Christmas spirit as she showed off the incredible gingerbread house her mum Kris Jenner sent her.

The 39 year old reality star shared a video of the breathtakingly large house made entirely from gingerbread with her 153million Instagram followers.

Speaking in the clip, the mum-of-four said: “My mum just sent us the most amazing gingerbread house like she always does. If only you guys could smell this, it smells so good.”

Panning her camera around the large house she gave fans a tour of the breathtaking baked good, which had intricate detail including white wreaths made from piped icing, window panes made from darker gingerbread, and a grand entrance with a garland also made from white icing.

The house is also surrounded by miniature Christmas trees dressed in snow and little gingerbread men stood outside the home.

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The roof, which has been decorated with white icing to create the effect of fallen snow on the top of the house, also has a sign with “Merry Christmas” pipped in white icing.

Kim, her husband Kanye West and their kids names are each piped onto their own individual disks of icing.

The detail doesn’t stop there either, as Kim zoomed the camera into the inside of the little house, as there is even a fire and fireplace with little stockings hanging up, a coffee table, chairs and a rug indoors.

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Though it really does look too good to eat, Kim’s son Saint, four, couldn't resist a taste, as Kim shows the little boy trying to take a piece from the extravagant house in another clip on her Instagram.

Telling her little boy off in the footage, she said: “What we’re not about to do – no, no, no – we’re not taking a piece of this, no.”

But, Saint wouldn’t take no for an answer as he reached for the house and said: “Yes,” but his mum insisted: “No, Lovey would be so sad. This is decoration.”

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Saint then replied: “No it’s not, ” as Kim said: “Yes it is.”

Kim’s cheeky son then asks her where his name is on the house, which causes her to zoom in on his name and notice a little snowflake made from icing seems to be missing from Saint’s name.

The mum-of-four then added: “You can tell someone’s taken their little thing off of it. They are sneaking little bits and pieces of this.”

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