Kim Kardashian Would Not Let This Film Director Shoot Her From the Waist Down

This is Paris director Alexandra Dean is speaking out about what it was like to interview Kim Kardashian for Paris Hilton‘s documentary.

At one moment, she was asked if Kim K. had anything changed prior to filming.

Alexandra said on Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef, “Kim did not want me to shoot her trousers. Cause she didn’t know that our lens was going to be as wide as it was. So she didn’t want the interview to start until we changed the lens and she knew it was gonna be a mid shot. She does everything. She’s brilliant. And she’s she’s way ahead of most people intellectually, which is why she was able to train herself to be a lawyer without going to law school, she’s doing the, you know, the, the president Lincoln apprenticeship program for lawyers, which is actually a really difficult thing to do.”

If you missed it, Kim K. recently said she can make more money doing this than filming an entire season of KUWTK!

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