King Charles will always keep the door open for Prince Harry but wont apologize

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex only did one public thing around the Christmas holiday: they released a statement condemning The Sun and Jeremy Clarkson for Clarkson’s violent and misogynistic column published two Saturdays ago. That was it. We have no idea if the Sussexes called Charles to wish him a merry Christmas, nor do we know how and where the Sussexes spent the Christmas holiday. Which makes it especially hilarious that the British media acted like an island full of lunatics obsessing over what Harry and Meghan did or said and what King Charles will do next. Harry said they’re moving on. Meghan said “that’s my husband’s family.” But Salt Island still has to salt it up.

King Charles will ‘always keep the door open’ for Prince Harry despite his Netflix docuseries, even though there probably won’t be an apology to the Sussexes, the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English has said. In the latest episode of Palace Confidential on Mail Plus, she said the Royal Family has likely made a ‘conscious decision’ to Keep Calm and Carry On after the six-part documentary was released this month, detailing Harry and Meghan’s royal career.

The couple made a series of bombshell claims in the Netflix series, while allowing viewers a rare glimpse into their engagement, their wedding and their life in the US. In the wake of the finale, Rebecca told Palace Confidential that the Royal Family are likely ‘angry and very hurt’ about some of the things that were said in the series.

She added they have made a ‘conscious decision, all of them together, to not respond, to not get bogged down on this – they’ve got a busy end of the year to just Keep Calm and Carry On’.

Rebecca added that the fact Harry and William are corresponding by text and not phone call – as was depicted in the docuseries – is ‘actually quite sad’.

She said: ‘It’s a very sad situation when two brothers aren’t even talking and that’s how they communicate now – if at all.’

The royal expert went on to claim that, despite the Netflix series, King Charles will more than likely ‘always keep the door open’ for his youngest son, Prince Harry.

‘I do think there has been a mishandling of the situation on both respects, and Buckingham Palace definitely did bend over backwards to help him – I know that, I saw it with my own eyes,’ Rebecca said. ‘But of course they do it in their own funny little way and that probably wasn’t enough for Harry and Meghan. I think there’s probably a cause for reflection on both sides.’

However, she said the Royal Family probably don’t think they owe the Sussexes an apology.

[From The Daily Mail]

I can’t believe Becky English even admitted that the Windsors “mishandled” the situation too. They went from the passive voice – “mistakes were made” – to “the Windsors made mistakes.” And no, the Windsors didn’t bend over backwards to help Harry and Meghan. The Windsors went out of their way to bully Meghan to the point where she would either try to take her own life or leave the country. They never, ever expected Harry to leave with her. They never expected Harry to choose his wife and children over his privilege. Anyway, there’s something so pathetic about the British media constantly talking about whether Charles and William “can forgive” this or that, when the Sussexes have taken it completely out of their hands.

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