Kody Brown, Sister Wives Face Further Financial Frustration

Kody Brown and his four sister wives thought they’d found paradise when they decided to move the whole family to Flagstaff, Arizona.

But paradise came with its share of troubles. In addition to the usual drama and fueds, the polygamous family has struggled financially ever since the move.

The struggle got even more intense this month, as even more interest piles up on the Browns’ unpaid property taxes.

Last year, Kody spent $820,000 on a 15-acre plot of land in Flagstaff. 

This is a huge amount of space, even if you do have four wives and 18 children.

The property is divided into four parcels, each requiring separate payments.

Arizona law forbids polygamous co-habitation.

Because of this, the plan was to build several houses on the property. 

This way the family could keep each other close and hopefully avoid breaking that pesky law.

But, as a Radar Online report reveals, the plan has encountered major setbacks.

A year later, the Browns have yet to break ground on a single house, and they still owe property taxes that were due in December.

According to Radar Online, tax payments are only past due on two of the four plots.

Kody, Christine and Robyn own one plot together, and initially failed to pay the amount of $2,063.70. After the latest round of interest, they now owe $2,201.28

The second plot is co-owned by Kody (again), Janelle and Meri.

They originally owed $1,990.82, but now that’s increased to $2,123.54, Radar Online reports. That’s a total of $4,324.82 just to get caught up on taxes.

And obviously, it’s going to cost a lot more than that to build multiple houses for the Browns’ enormous family.

To make matters worse, Radar Online now claims that the family hasn’t received any payment for Christine Brown’s former house in Las Vegas.

Prior reports seemed to indicate the family had found a buyer, but the house is still listed on the market for the lowest price yet, $574,990.

Meri’s Las Vegas house also failed to sell, even after multiple price cuts.

Ultimately, it was taken off the market.

That must be disappointing for the Browns, who were counting on adding another half a million dollars to their housing budget in Arizona.

But we have a hunch that Meri might find having a back-up house useful when she finally decides she’s had enough of Kody and the other wives.

Over the past year, it’s been rumored, and even apparent on the show, that Meri isn’t feeling the love anymore.

Fans believes that she may leave the flock.

Meanwhile, the many stars of Sister Wives are paying rent on no fewer than four separate dwellings and a commercial building in Flagstaff. 

That’s an incredibly expensive feat for a family that’s already pressed for funds. 

(Moving isn’t cheap, folks)

It all makes one wonder if perhaps this move wasn’t very thoroughly thought out. 

But the news isn’t all bad. A new season of Sister Wives has begun filming, which means more money is on the way for the Brown family. 

Will it be enough to square up the taxes, build several homes and feed 18 children?

Will the whole family even stick around to find out?

It’s too early to say, but it’s clear that Kody and the Sister Wives may have bitten off more than they can chew.

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