Lady Gaga’s Nearly-Naked Bed Instagram Is an Absolute #Mood

Like the rest of us normies, Lady Gaga loves her bed; but unlike the rest of us normies, she lounges in ultimate Mother Monster style, wearing nothing but bright pink undies, living her best life. The singer posted a photo of herself in repose on her Instagram Story, sprawled across crumpled sheets after a long night of promo work for her cosmetics brand, Haus Laboratories.

“When you’re up all night taking photos for @HausLabs #BattleForYourLife,” she wrote in the caption.

Now, most of us might not have our own beauty companies in partnership with Amazon, but even we know what it’s like to be so pooped you can barely get out of bed and put your clothes on. Ever been hungover on a work day? This is the embodiment of that feeling.

Aside from Gaga’s neon undergarments, visible in the photo is the massive “La Vie en Rose” tattoo she got in February that stretches the length of her back. The ink, which quotes the famous Édith Piaf song, is a hat tip to A Star Is Born, where she sang the ballad.

And if you’re curious about what exactly kept Gaga up all night, perhaps it was these epic photos flaunting her makeup collection.

Never stop serving, Gaga.

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