Love Island’s Amy reveals her plan for dealing with ex Curtis and his new love Maura when show ends

Love Island’s Amy Hart was dumped by her half-boyfriend Curtis Pritchard, before she left the villa to deal with her heartbreak.

Professional dancer Curtis has since moved on with Irish beauty, Maura Higgins.

Amy will be reunited with her fellow islanders, including Maura and Curtis, when the show ends next week.

The 27 year old air hostess has now revealed how she intends to deal with the situation and seeing Maura and Curtis.

Speaking on Heart FM Breakfast on Thursday morning, Amy said: “I would really like to be friends but I won't call him I'll wait for him to call me. It wouldn't be fair on Maura.”

Amy also revealed that she hopes her Curtis' and Maura’s relationship lasts on the outside.

She said: “I hope so or what was the point of me leaving?"

Since leaving the villa, Amy made her debut as a Loose Women panelist, joining Coleen Nolan, Janet Street Porter and Saira Khan on the ITV lunchtime show to discuss a range of topics.

During her panelist debut, Amy and her co-stars discussed fertility tests, with Amy making the revelation she has the blessing from her family to enter motherhood alone.

She said: “During my early 20s I was very panicky about not meeting someone because, for me, being a mum is something I definitely want to do in my life, and I had a chat with my mum and she said, ‘well, if you haven’t met someone by the time you’re 35 then we’d support you to have a baby on your own.’

“So for me a fertility test now… knowing if I need to start earlier than 35 or I need to freeze my eggs now would be really helpful, and I think it would be really helpful for a lot of people who might leave it later and then get to the later and find out they can’t.”

A shocked Saira challenged Amy’s desire to becoming a single parent, asking: “How is that going to work? Have you actually genuinely thought about how that’s going to work?

“I don’t think anybody in their right mind would go into single parenting as a choice. I know a lot of single mums and life is so hard for them.”

Amy responded: “The way I look at it is I know a lot of people who didn’t plan to be single mums and have ended up single mums.

“If I made that conscious decision I’d be well prepped, I have a very good circle around me, I’ve got a very very supportive family and I feel like as long as the child is loved and is supported, if it’s by grandparents or aunties and you as the mum I think it’s fine.”

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