Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde reveals wedding dress details in exclusive OK! online column as she prepares to marry Nathan Massey

Everything is finally starting to come together for the wedding, and I’ve finally sorted one of the most important things, and that's the dress.

Both me and Nathan have had a busy few weeks, after my hen do and Nath's stag do in Ibiza last week, where he got up to all sorts of hilarious antics – but he’s definitely milking being hungover now!

Not forgetting preparing our gorgeous little Freddie for the big day – we’re just keeping everything crossed that he behaves himself!

Finding the dress

I actually found my dress the first time I went looking. I had a gown in mind that I absolutely loved on Instagram, so I sourced it and tried it on, and it was beautiful – but it was so big. I couldn’t sit down, I couldn’t walk, I had no idea how I’d chase Freddie round, so it was just a no go!

Everyone had always told me that whatever dress you have in mind, you won’t end up with. I chose two completely different dresses and loved them both. I went with my two bridesmaids and my man of honour, but I let my mum have the final decision. It’s so different to what people are expecting – it’s such a pretty dress. I didn’t want to look too sexy, as I have all my family there – it’s a day to wear something you’d never ever wear.

I might have a little surprise with the dresses – but you’ll have to wait and see for that! My shoes were a little treat for myself, as I’m obsessed – I won’t say too much, but they do involve butterflies. They’re absolutely amazing. You need something old, new, borrowed and blue – so they’re my new.

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Nathan’s wild Ibiza stag

Nathan has just got back from his Ibiza stag and I didn’t hear from him much, so that’s surely a sign of a good time.

If I’m honest I don’t think he remembers much of it, and he’s come back like a little wounded solider, so I’m just feeding him up and making sure he gets bed rest.

It sounded just as wild as mine – the boys had ordered him swimming shorts that dissolved in water, so they got him on the champagne boat, threw him in the water, and within 10 seconds he was literally butt naked. He had no idea. He ended up wearing a ladies swimsuit by the end of the day!

Getting Freddie ready

Me and Fred had some bonding time while Nathan was away – the house stayed really clean, and I actually quite enjoyed my time alone!

We’ve still got to find him an outfit for the wedding, and I think him and Nathan are going to wear similar ensembles.

We’re also trying to train him to carry the rings so he doesn’t throw them away – I don’t know how successful that is going to be, but we’re just going to hope for the best on the big day!

That’s all for this week guys, but speak to you all soon,

Cara x

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