Love Islands Tyla Carr cries over co-parenting son with ex: ‘It’s horrendous’

Ex Love Island star Tyla Carr opened up on social media recently about her struggles dealing with co-parenting, two years on from her break-up with her son’s father.

The 28 year old – who starred on the ITV reality series back in 2017 – voiced her stressful experiences on Instagram Stories whilst in tears as she spoke about how “horrendous” it’s been trying to get on amicably with her ex for the sake of her three year old boy.

Tyla split with her son Archie's father, businessman Rossco Edmonds, seven months after he was born in 2019 and since then has been co-parenting with difficulty, she confessed.

"I thought I'd come on here and be a little bit more real about my co-parenting situation, currently in tears, it is the hardest thing ever to deal with,” the former reality contestant told followers.

“These crappy emotions and all the agg that goes with having to break up with someone and trying to be a good parent it is the hardest thing.

"I say on here you have to co-parent, be on side and try and make things work. When things are good it’s great when things are rubbish it is horrendous.”

Tyla attempted to wipe away her tears as she continued to explain the reality of co-parenting for her and insisted that she would do what she felt was right for her son first and foremost.

"I’m always an advocate of co-parenting but here’s some more of the reality,” the emotional mum added.

“I'm no angel as people well know, I don’t do everything right, in fact, I make mistakes everyday!

"Archie comes first and that’s all I try and keep in mind…"

The TV star went on to suggest that her break-up with businessman Rossco ended bitterly as she mentioned that they are “not friends” years later.

Tyla also told followers she wouldn’t be divulging the details behind the couple's split.

She said: “I’ve never spoken about why my ex and I broke up and I’m not sure I ever will (I never ever ever want my baby to know that happened, it was that bad).

“It’s actually the most draining thing of all trying to keep the peace for the sake of Archie.

"At home my baby never speaks to a woman the way I’ve been spoke to, or get spoken to on a regular basis. The amount of deep breaths I have to take, I’m surprised I don’t pass out."

A short while after offloading, Tyla posted a photo of herself smiling telling fans: “A little cry helps get it all out your system."

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