Miranda Lambert DESTROYS Divorce Rumors: Stop Lying About My Marriage!

This week, reports and rumors alike have claimed that Miranda Lambert is headed to divorce with her New York police officer husband.

There were a litany of supposed reasons for which Miranda was preparing to end things with Brendan McLoughlin.

But now Miranda is slamming the rumors, 

In a statement to E! News, Miranda Lambert’s representative explained that nothing could be further from the truth.

Her rep insists that these breakup rumors are “completely made-up.”

“Not one iota is true,” the statement emphasizes.

Miranda’s rep then affirms: “They are happy and together!”

So if you were rooting for Miranda and Brendan to divorce in the immediate future, you may be in for some real disappointment.

So, what made people think that they were headed for disaster — or at least a breakup — in the first place?

For one thing, reports said that they have been living in separate worlds.

Miranda, as a Country singer, has roots in Nashville.

Brendan, in the mean time, is spending his time in New York.

Sometimes even the most loving couples have to spend time apart, but long distance can put a real strain on a relationship.

This is extra true for a new marriage.

An additional factor that was reported was that Miranda allegedly feels her biological clock ticking.

She is said to want to have kids before it’s too late.

We hope that we don’t have to explain why, for those trying to conceive the old fashioned way, spending time apart presents a real challenge.

Additionally, there appeared to be a degree of tension — or worse, boredom — between the two when they were spotted in public recently.

That’s not a good sign for any marriage, but especially not for newlyweds.

And then there were the circumstances of their union.

Miranda and Brendan were married before anyone knew that he existed, essentially.

They met when she was in town to do a talk show, and got married after an astonishingly short time dating.

This was right on the heels of Miranda dating Evan Felker (whose now-ex wife, Staci, remains less than thrilled about that whole affair).

Reports even claimed that Miranda’s motive for marrying him was to beat Blake Shelton to the punch.

There was another concern lurking in the hearts and minds of Miranda’s fans.

Brendan’s previous relationships were … troubled, to say the least.

His ex claims that he lived a double life, because he cheated on her during their engagement and knocked up his mistress in the process.


Like most people, Brendan is also not part of the Country music community, making people wonder what they could possibly have in common.

You know, aside from both being alleged cheaters a time or two.

Miranda’s fans want to see her happy, and none of this struck them as a recipe for a successful marriage.

It’s a relief to hear Miranda’s rep shoot down these rumors as a load of hogwash.

Maybe some of her fans are less invested in her happiness than they are in some grand idea of her finding a specific other man.

(They didn’t have time to build up hype for her to marry Brendan, but should remember that the goal is not to entertain them; this is her life)

Honestly? What looks like an odd pairing fromt he outside could turn out to be wildly successful.

Sometimes people just click, and sometimes being from totally different social worlds is part of what makes it work.

Only time will tell, however.

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